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Tiny the Sr lamb
Tiny the Lone Lamb
MacGregor the Junk Food Junkie

MacGregor the Juck Food Junkie

Crinkle, yep this is my tractor
Crinkle King of the Farm

Black Friar
Black Frier
Rudolf the Lead Goat

Blaster King of the Mountain
Blaster King of the Mountain
   Bob the Lead Goat, we mean RAM (Don't tell him he's not a goat) Bob the lead Goat  

Baxter Our Guardian Dog

Baxter Likes to Snort Mud
Baxter likes to snort mud
Baxter At Work
Baxter at Work
Baxter Off Duty
Baxter Off Duty

Kids at Play

McGregor Meets Death
McGregor Meets Death
Left over pumpkins never go waste
Goats Love Pumpkin
House Plant Mayhem
House Plant Mayham

Goats on the Hillside
Goats on the Hillside
Goats Playing in the Snow
Goats in Snow

Goat Construction Crew
Crinkle providing construction help

Yes, those are in-ground dog fence collars on the goats. When researching fencing options for my new goat herd, 5 electric wires seemed crazy and expensive. I came across a university study that said the in-ground electric dog fence would work. We fenced roughly 20 acres and adopted a guardian dog, Baxter to keep predators away. The fence works great. Please contact me for additional information. I am willing to give lectures or classes on the system.